Funded Research


nsfMonolayer Catalyst as Transformative Concept for Efficient Electrolytic Hydrogen Isotope Separation, S.R. Brankovic (PI-50%), L. Grabow and O. Miljanic (co-PIs-50%), NSF CBET #1605331 ($388,526), 09/01/2016-08/31/2019
AESFAmerican Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Foundation – Gift Grant: Crack Formation During Electrodeposition and Post-deposition Ageing of Thin Film Coatings, S. R. Brankovic (PI-100%), ($100,001), 01/05/2016-12/31/2019
lam-researchNucleation of Electroless Co-films as a Function of Substrate Treatment, S.R. Brankovic (PI-100%), Lam Research Corporation – Gift Grant: ($240,000), 06/30/2015-Present.


BHNovel Sensing Concepts for Oil and Gas Industry, S. R. Brankovic (PI-100%), Baker Hughs – Gift Grant, ($42,000), 06/30/2015-12/30/2015.
acsStructure - Property Relation of Monolayer Catalysts Obtained by Galvanic Displacement of Underpotentially Deposited Monolayers, S.R. Brankovic (PI), PRF# 47849-G5, (50,000.00$), 05/01/2008-04/30/2010.
daihatsuFollow-up For Combinatorial Discovery of Anode and Cathode Catalysts for Use in a Hydrazine Anion Exchange Fuel Cell, S. R. Brankovic (PI), Daihatsu, (40,000$), 10/31/2009 – 03/31/2010.
dodSingle Ferromagnetic Nanocontact Based Devices as Magnetic Field Sensors, S.R. Brankovic (PI), Paul Ruchhoeft (Co-PI), Department of Defense (DOD)-07MMSEED-02-024-MM1593, (97,397.00$), 03/01/2007-03/01/2008.
Jeferson labCharacterization of Morphology Transformation of Niobium Surfaces by Electropolishing, S.R. Brankovic (PI-100%), DOE/Jefferson Laboratory, PO#10-P0733, (145,000$), 01/01/2010-12/31/2011.
NSF careerElectrochemical Nanofabrication-The Transformative Concept towards Synthesis of Novel Materials. Functional surfaces and Nanostructures. S.R. Brankovic (PI-100%), NSF CAREER CHE # 0955922, ($540,000) 07/01/2010-06/31/2015.
nsfElectrochemical Nanofabrication of High-Anisotropy Bit-Patterned Magnetic Arrays using Self-Limiting Ion Milling Fabricated Templates, D. Litvinov (PI), S. R. Brankovic (co-PI), D. Weller (co-PI), NSF CMMI #0927786 (280,000$), 09/01/2009-09/31/2012
nsfDevelopment of High Moment Corrosion Resistant Materials for Data Storage and Biomedical Applications, James Rantschler (PI), S.R. Brankovic (Co-PI), NSF-STTR Phase I: #0638195, (149,896.00$), 01/01/2007-01/01/2008.
nsfPhase Separated Ferromagnetic Metal-Metal Oxide/Hydroxide Nanomaterials as a Transformative Concept for Magnetic Field Sensors. S.R. Brankovic (PI), Dmitri Litvinov (Co-PI), Ray Carpenter (Co-PI) and Nils Gokemeijer (Co-PI), NSF ECCS # 0824215, (450,000 $), 09/01/2008-08/31/2011.
pfundingSurface Limited Redox Replacement of Cu UPD Monolayer with Pt ions, S. R. Brankovic (PI-100%), Private Funding, ($110,000), 10/01/2011-09/31/2012
SRCStrained Annealing for Cu Grain Growth in sub-50 nm Interconnect, S. R. Brankovic (PI-100%), Semiconductor Research Corporation 2012-IN-2339, ($76,000), 09/01/2012-08/31/2013
tcsuhElectrodeposited Exchange Spring Magnet Nanostructures for Bit-Pattern Media Application, S. R. Brankovic (PI-100%), TcSUH (20,000$), 09/01/2009-09/31/2010.
tcsuhElectrodeposition of Exchange Spring Magnet Nanomaterials, S.R. Brankovic(PI), TcSUH (20,000 $), 09/01/2008 – 08/31/2009
tinsDevelopment of Electrodeposited CoFeNiX Films with Low Magnetic Losses for Power Application, S. R. Brankovic (PI-100%), National Semiconductor Corporation/Texas Instruments – Gift Grant ($160,000), 01/01/2011-12/31/2012.
tinsStress Control in Electrodeposited NiFe Alloys, S.R. Brankovic (PI), National Semiconductor Corporation – Gift Grant (130,000$), 10/01/2008-09/30/2010.
uhlGuided Self-Assembly Based Fabrication of Nanostructures, their Properties and Emergent Applications in Energy and Sensing. Pradeep Sharma (PI) and S.R. Brankovic (Co-PI), Grant to Enhance and Advance the Research, University of Houston, (46,970.00$), 09/07/2007-08/31/2008.
uhlFinite Size Effects on Electrosorption Properties of Monolayer Catalysts, S.R. Brankovic (PI), Grant to Enhance and Advance Research, University of Houston, ($29,116), 06/01/2013-05/30/2014.
uhlNucleation of Noble Metal Nanoclusters During Galvanic Displacement of Underpotentially Deposited Metal Monolayers, S.R. Brankovic (PI), Grant to Enhance and Advance Research, University of Houston, (29,956.00$), 09/01/2006-09/01/2007.