Conferences 2008

7. (Invited) Critical Parameters of Solution Design for Electrodeposition of 2.4 T CoFe Alloys, S. R. Brankovic, S. E. Bae, J. George, J. Rantschler, and D. Litvinov, 214th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, October 10-17th (2008).

6. (Invited) Electrochemical Synthesis and Nanofabrication of Materials for Magnetic and Ultrasound Sensors Application, S.R. Brankovic, A. Shamsi, S. -E. Bae, G. Majkic, D. Litvinov, IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, Arlington, TX, August 18-21 (2008)

5. (Invited) Nucleation, Growth and Morphological Stability of Nobel Metal Nanostructures Produced by Surface Controlled Red-Ox Reactions, S.R. BrankovicGordon Research Conference on Electrodeposition, New London NH, July 28, (2008).

4. (Invited) Design of Critical Parameters for Electrodeposition of 2.4 T CoFe Alloys, S. R. Brankovic,Seagate Research Center, Pittsburgh,  June 18, (2008).

3. Cu Surface Morphology Evolution during Electropolishing S. Shivareddy, S. -E. Bae and S. R. Brankovic,  213the Electrochemical Society Meeting, Phoenix, AZ , May 18 -22, (2008).

2. Structure-Property Relation of Pt Submonolayers on Au(111) via Galvanic Displacement of CuUPD/Au(111) D. Gokcen, S. Eun Bae and S. R. Brankovic, 213th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Phoenix, AZ , May 18 -22, (2008).

1. (Invited) Critical Processes and Solution Parameters for Electrodeposition of 2.4 T CoFe Alloys at Nanoscale, S.R. Brankovic, J. George, S. E. Bae, J. Rantschler and D. Litvinov, IEEE Workshop on Next Generation Recording Technologies, Houston TX, March 19, (2008).