Conferences 2007

7. (Invited) Electrochemical Nanofabrication-An Approach to Design Novel Magnetic and Ultrasound Sensors and Processes for ULSIC Technology, S. R. BrankovicNational Institute for Standards and Technology, Washington DC, December 5, (2007).

6. Electrodeposition at Nanoscale – The Prospect for Magnetic Field Sensor Fabrication, D. Reynolds, A. Nasrullah, S.-E. Bae, P. Ruchhoeft, and S.R BrankovicSERDP Workshop, Washington DC, December 4, (2007)

5. (Invited) Physical Incorporation of Additive Molecules During Electrodeposited CoFe Magnetic Alloys, J. George, Haislmaier and S. R. Brankovic58th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Banff, Canada, September 9-14th, (2007).

4. (Invited) Nucleation and Growth of Low-dimensional Noble Metal Structures Using Galvanic Displacement of UPD Monolayers, D. Gokcen, S.-E. Bae, and S. R. Brankovic212th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Washington, DC, October 7-12th, (2007).

3. Electrochemical Transducers � A New Approach to Ultrasound Sensor Design, A. Shamsi, S.-E. Bae and S. R. Brankovic212th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Washington, DC, October 7-12th (2007).

2. (Invited) Electrodeposition � A Gateway towards Design of Nanoscale Metallic Architectures, Catalyst Surfaces, and Magnetic Alloys with Novel Functionality, S. R. BrankovicColloquium, Department of Physics, University of Houston, September 4th, (2007).

1. (Invited) Organic Molecules Adsorption on Electrode Surface � The Effect on Morphology, Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Electrodeposited Magnetic Alloys, S. R. BrankovicGraduate Student Seminar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston, August 30th, (2007).