Conferences 2005

3. (Invited) Saccharin Incorporation During the Electrodeposition of Co40Fe60 Films; Consequences for Magnetic and Corrosion Properties , S.R. Brankovic , F. Wiatrowski, K. Trumbull, and M. Seigler,Electrochemical Society meeting , Quebec City, Canada, May 15-20, (2005).

2. (Invited) Electrodeposition of 2.4 T Co37Fe63 Alloys at Nanoscale for Magnetic Recoding Application ,S.R. Brankovic , X. M. Yang, T.J. Klemmer and M. Siegler, 2005 TMRC, Stanford, CA, Aug. 13-17 th , (2005).

1. (Invited) Influence of Fe3+ on Magnetic Moment and Nanostructure Morphology of 2.4 T CoFe Alloys,S.R. Brankovic , F. Wiatrowski, K. Trumbull, Electrochemical Society meeting, Los Angeles, CA, October-16-20 th 2005.