Conferences 2017

1. (Invited) Finite Size Effects in Pt Monolayer Catalysts,  S. R. Brankovic, H. Doan, L. Grabow, D. Wu, Q. Yuan, 20thTopical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 19th – 22nd (2017).

2. (Invited) Electroless Pb Monolayer Deposition – A Prelude For Highly Selective Electroless Atomic Layer Deposition Process,  S. R. Brankovic, D. Solanki, D. Wu, A. Joi and Y. Dordi, 68thInternational Society of Electrochemistry Annual Meeting, Providence, RI, 27thAug. -1st Sept. (2017).

3. (Invited) Electrodeposition Division Research Award Address: Metal Deposition Assisted by UPD Monolayers-Fundamentals and Applications, S. R. Brankovic232ndThe Electrochemical Society Meeting, National Harbor, MD, October 1-5, (2017).

4. (Invited) Finite Size Effects –A Guiding Principle in Catalyst Monolayer Design and Synthesis, S. R. BrankovicNREL,Golden CO, July 20th(2017).

5. Pulse Potential Deposition – an Experimental Protocol for Growth of High Quality Thin Films via Surface Limited Red-ox Replacement Reaction, Solanki, D. Wu and  S. R. Brankovic, 231st The Electrochemical Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, May 38th – Jun 1st (2017).

6. Stress State in Cr Coatings During Deposition and Post-Deposition Ageing and Annealing, S. R. Brankovic, K. Ahmadi, N. Chaudhari, W. Yang, T. Hall, E. J. Taylor, NASF Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Jun 19-21, (2017),

7. (Poster) Electroless Noble Metal ALD – A New Approach for Highly Selective Surface Controlled Deposition Process,  S. R. Brankovic, D. Solanki, D. Wu, A. Joi and Y. Dordi, 17th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition, (ALD 2017), Denver, CO, July 15-18 (2017).