Graduate Students:

NameDegreeThesis TitleGraduated
Shyamala ShivareddyM.S.Cu Surface Morphology Evolution During ElectropolishingDec. 2007
Jinnie GeorgeM.S.Critical Parameters of Solution Design for Electrodeposition of Soft 2.4 T CoFe AlloysAug. 2008
Joel ThomasM.S.Development of the Computational Algorithm for Prediction of the Cu  Surface Morphology Evolution During ElectropolishingJan. 2010
Dincer GokcenPh.D.Morphology Control and Structure Property Relation of Pt Sub-MonolayersDec. 2010
Burhanuddin KagajwalaM.S.Stress Control in Electrodeposited NiFe FilmsDec. 2010
Rachit SharmaM.S.Scale up of the Process for Electrodeposition of Low Stress Permalloy FilmsMay. 2011
Siam HossainM.S.Stress Evolution in Electrodeposited Ferromagnetic Films During AnnealingDec. 2011
Jinnie GeorgePh.D.Electrochemical Synthesis of Materials and Functional Nanostructures for Magnetic Recording and MEMS ApplicationMay. 2012
Milan SlavkovicM.S.Carbon Monoxide Adsorption on Pt Monolayer Pt on Pd(hkl) Surface Studied by Subtractivelly Normalized Interfacial Fourier Transform Infra Red SpectroscopyAug. 2012
Ashish TripathiM.S.New Algorithm for Qualitative and Quantitative STM Image AnalysisSep. 2012 
Nikhil DolePh.D.Control of Metallurgical, Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Electrodeposited CoFeNi Thin Films and Cu NanostructuresMay. 2014 
Qiuyi YuanPh.D.Finite Size Effects on Electrosorption and Catalytic Properties of Catalyst MonolayersMay 2014 
Ela BulutPhD.Reaction Kinetics of Metal Deposition by Surface Limited Redox Replacement of UPD MonolayerAug. 2015
Dongjun WuPh.D.UPD Monolayer Assisted Electrochemical Thin Film GrowthMay 2018
Dhaivat SolankiM.S.Electroless Atomic Layer DepositionDec. 2017
OmerFaruk KaradavutMSIn Situ Stress Measurements During Electrodeposition of Chromium FilmsDec. 2018
Wenli YangPh.D.Low Temperature Synthesis of Sapphire and Ruby and their ApplicationsMay 2019
Kamyar AhmadiPh.D.Electrochemical Synthesis of Functional Thin Films and SurfacesDec.  2020
Mehrnaz ShirazPh.D.Pd Monolayer – Transformative Concept for Efficient Electrolytic H-Isotope SeparationMay 2021
Nikhil ChaudhariPh.D.Electrochemical Characterizations of Negative Lead Electrode in Lead-Acid BatteryJan. 2021
Dhaivat SolankiPh.D.Electrodeposition of CoNiFeX magnetic Films with Low Magnetic Losses for Power ApplicationsJan. 2023
Alphan BerkemM.S.Permeability Spectra of Electrodeposited CoFe Film for Inductor ApplicationsAug. 2023

Post Docs:

NameTopic of ResearchResidence
Dr. Sang Eun BaeMonolayer Catalyst Synthesis04/2007 -12/2008
Dr. Xuguang LiCore-Shell Catalyst Synthesis12/2011 – 05/2012
Dr. Hasan KilicElectrochemical Kinetics06/2013 -09/2014
Dr. Allen LiuHall Effect in Ionic Liquids01/2017 – 06/2017
Dr. Camille ArturPlasmonics/Catalysis04/2018 – 09/2021