Electrochemical Nanofabrication and Nanomaterials Synthesis Laboratory is equipped with variety of instruments for electrochemical testing, fabrication and various experimental investigation. There are several models of potentiostats and galvanostats available for many different experiments from ultrasound and magnetic field sensors fabrication to ultra thin film growth and fabrication of magnetic structures. The list of potentiostats includes: EDAQ Picostat and Potentiostat, BAS CV-27 Voltammograph, Princeton Applied Research Model 263A with MSRX speed control system, EcoChemie Autolab PGSTAT12 with FRA, and EG&G Princeton Applied Research Model 273. Along with different potentiostats, the ENNS laboratory is equipped with two Rotating Ring Disk electrodes systems, H2 flame annealing system and system for preparation of Pt-like metal surfaces, SI-3KWHF induction heating unit with R1200 V/G Cooling System, spot welding system, mini machine shop, and different high and low precision balances and active vibration insulation platforms and air tables. The ENNS Laboratory is equipped also with ultrahigh purity water system including double distillation unit with Millipore Direct Q3 reverse osmosis system.