Conferences 2004

5. (Invited) Properties of Electrodeposited Magnetic CoFeNi Alloys as a Function of the Conditions at the Electrochemical Interface , S. R. Brankovic Chemistry Department, SANU at Binghamton,Binghamton, NY, April 16, (2004).

4. (Invited) Electrodeposition of High Magnetic Moment Materials on Nanoscale- Properties and Application , S. R. Brankovic , Gordon Research Conference on Electrodeposition, New London, N.H. August 11 (2004).

3. (Invited) Influence of Additive Adsorption on Properties of Pulse Deposited CoNiFe and CoFe Alloys ,S. R. Brankovic , N. Vasiljevic, T. Klemmer and E.C. Johns, 8 th International Symposium on Magnetic Materials, Processes and Devicess-206th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii, October 6, (2004).

2. Scaling Analysis of the Kinetic Roughening During the Deposition of 2.4 T CoFe Alloys , S. R. Brankovic , N. Vasiljevic, 206th Electrochemical Society meeting, Honolulu , Hawaii , October 3-8, (2004).

1. Scaling Analysis and Application of Cu Electropolishing, S. R. Brankovic , M. Labella and R. Harris and E. C. Johns, Electrochemical Society meeting , San Antonio , TX , May 9-13, (2004).