Conferences 2003

3.  Spontaneous Deposition of Au on Ru(001). M. Vukmirovic, S.R. Brankovic , and R.R. Adzic, Electrochemical Society Meeting, Orlando , FL , October 3-8, (2003).

2.  (Invited ) Electrodeposition of High Magnetic Moment CoFeNi Alloys at Nanoscale � Properties and Crystal Structure, S. R. Brankovic Data Storage Systems Center Seminar Series, Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh PA, September 12, (2003).

1. Influence of Additive Adsorption on Properties of Electrodeposited Soft High Magnetic Moment CoNiFe Alloys, Stanko R. Brankovic , Timothy J. Klemmer and Earl C. Johns, Electrochemical Society meeting , Paris-France, April 26-May 4, (2003).