Outreach 2010

In Fall 2010, Dr. Brankovic has visited North Shore Senior High with his graduate students and conducted lectures and experiments on electrochemical energy conversion systems; batteries and fuel cells. The PDF of Dr. Brankovic lecture can be downloaded here (PDF) while the summary of the experiments and activities during this visit are best described by video material below and pictures above.

In Spring 2010, several chemistry students of North Shore Senior High have visited Dr. Brankovic’s laboratory where together with graduate students of Electrochemical Nanofabrication and Nanomaterials Synthesis Lab conducted different corrosion experiments and measurements. These results and student works have been presented in the science fair organized at North Shore Senior High in May 2010. Dr. Brankovic has visited the science fair and actively engaged in discussion and explanations of the students work. The synopses of the activities during his visit are described in above photographs.