Dr. Stanko R. Brankovic
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng.,
Electrical & Computer Eng.,
University of Houston
N308, Engineering Bldg. 1
Houston, TX 77204-4005

The scientific interests of our group are directed towards better understanding of the physical and chemical processes occurring at the electrochemical interface and their use to produce the nanomaterials and nanostructures with novel functionality and application. The diverse and multidisciplinary nature of our research evolves around the interests in the areas of Sensors, Magnetic Materials, Thin Films, Electrocatalysis and Nanofabrication. We are closely collaborating with the affiliates of the Center for Integrated Nanosystems and faculties of the Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Departments, Chemistry Department and Texas Center for Super Conductivity. The synopsis of our current research activities are described under the proceeding buttons, however, we are looking to enrich our scientific expertise in other related areas and to establish collaboration with other research groups across the USA and the World.